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Is the registration in “Tadawulaty” free? How about the ‎services?‎

Registration in Tadawulaty services suite is totally free. Also, all investor services are currently provided for free. If new fee is introduced for any of the services, an easy way to subscribe and pay will be provided. Investors will be able to subscribe to the services they would like to continue to benefit from. Although paid-services will be disabled from non-subscribers, all free-services will continue to be available for all.


I have already more than one portfolio opened with different brokers. Which broker I can register with?

You can choose any of the brokers you have opened a portfolio with.


I have already registered into Tadawulaty. Which broker I should contact if I have some issues?

Please contact your designated broker, which is the one you registered through into Tadawulaty. The broker’s logo appears on the top of the page.

If you cannot login nor recall which broker you registered through, you should come in person to Tadawul’s reception disk at Tawuniya building.


Assuming I forgot my designated broker, how do I identify it?

After you login to Tadawulaty, your designated broker's logo will appear on the top of the page.


What ID numbers can be used if I am not a Saudi citizen?

Companies can us their commercial registration number (C.R.), residents should use their Iqama number, and GCC nationals can use their national ID number.


How can I register in Tadawulaty, knowing that I have searched Tadawulaty website but didn’t find any link/option to “Register” ?

You cannot register in Tadawulaty from Tadawulaty website (this website). You can only register by one of the following two methods:


Through your E-trading account, OR

By Visiting your brokerage firm branch




Why do I have to login to may E-trading account on my broker’s system if I want to register in Tadawulaty service ?

Tadawulaty uses a new method of remote authentication of subscribers through e-trade systems of brokerage firms. This will avoid asking users to come in-person to the broker’s branch to register in Tadawulaty. When the user logs-in to his/her e-trade account and clicks “Register” on Tadawulaty logo, authentication information will be exchanged securely between Tadawulaty and broker’s systems. Then, Tadawulaty will open a new page to the user that will allow him/her to complete the registration process.


 If you have any further inquiries, please contact us on: tadawulaty.info@tadawul.com.sa




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